Epic Steel Cut Oats



My goodness, it’s been a while.

I must confess, I’ve been so busy. I’ve been meaning to keep up with this blog but so many things just POP UP and I find the time that I DO have is for scarfing down the food I make, instead of carefully capturing pictures and posting to Healthy H’ohm’e. I’m saddened actually, that I haven’t been keeping up with it. Food is so MUCH a part of my life.  When I can’t sleep – I cook. When I am stressed – I cook. When I am HAPPY – I cook. Even when I had an exam in school that I was cramming for – I always found an excuse to get into the kitchen and create a wonderful 4 course meal… I mean, who wants to study anyway? 🙂

So, I find myself here, once again. Craving the connection between others and their passion for food. It is UPLIFTING! This is where I find total happiness. Sharing food stories, recipes and total drool worthy food photography. When ever I cruise instagram for an eye-catching new account to follow, I feel myself getting so inspired and excited to create a yummy new dish. In fact, that JUST happened. It brought me here.  I was just on an account that made me think … “I could do that!… Oh, wait.. I DO DO THAT!”. Silly Me.

Okay, so now to the yummy stuff – STEEL CUT OATS!

Like many, I’ve fallen a bit off the vegan wagon here, and am trying to get back into a healthy rhythm and routine of whole foods and exercise to match. I still eat quite ethically and healthfully, but have invited some not-so-welcomed foods back into my everyday diet. So here’s to changing that with STEEL CUT OATS! I’m trying to get into the habit of eating something totally mouth watering, satisfying and filled with nutrients in the morning to GET MY DAY STARTED RIGHT!!

Here’s what you need to know:

– 1 cup Steel Cut Oats, of course 
– 2.5 cups water, filtered if possible
– dash of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
– a hand full of fresh blueberries or 2 tbsp natural and organic blackberry fruit spread (seen in picture above)
– dash of cinnamon
– your favouite nuts 
– 1 tsp hauled hemp seeds
– 1 tbsp COCONUT BUTTER – this is my favourite thing in the world… adds a nice creamy flavour and texture – and good fats!
– banana
– Almond Milk, unsweetened
– 1 tsp maple syrup or honey if you so desire

– over medium/high heath, bring the oats to a boil and then bring down the heat to low and let simmer for 15-20 minutes stirring quite often. They take a bit of time to cook, so make sure to plan ahead, which is the hard part for me!! 
– If you don’t have time in the  morning, make Overnight Oats, by placing the oats and your favourite yogurt or non-dairy substitute and let sit in fridge overnight (in a mason jar). When you wake up the oats will be nice and soft and ready to eat!! Simply add your toppings and enjoy! Couldn’t be easier :).

I am so happy to have you HERE, to read my posts. It gives me the drive the keep going. When I read a comment, it makes me so happy to connect over food. So, thanks to you all for searching, creating, viewing, liking and continuing to take this delicious journey with me. I invite you to hangout in my little corner of the internet ANYTIME! You are always invited and most certainly welcomed to stay as long as you’d like. 🙂

Feed your soul and love every minute of it.


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