Quinoa Coleslaw Salad with Orange, Feta and Parsley


I just love when leftovers turn into the most delicious meals!
I often make large batches of plain quinoa, plain brown rice, different types of salad bases that I can add to, and pre cut and wash my fruits and veggies so that when my tummy rumbles, I can run to the fridge and pick out something healthy. This reduces the likelihood of “fridge binges” where I will grab anything and just devour it. Prepping your fridge is a good way to stay on track with healthy eating.

This salad was a combination of a few things:
– Leftover coleslaw: red and napa cabages, carrots and onions sliced thin with a mandolin and then topped w/ our go-to dressing: olive oil, vinegar, maple syrup, garlic powder, pink salt & pepper, mustard powder and paprika.
– Quinoa salad: quinoa – cooked in veggie stock, Udo’s 3-6-9 oil, feta cheese, parsley.

And then topped with a few fridge staples: MORE feta, mouth watering sliced oranges, chopped parsley, hemp seeds… ET VOILA! A delicious quick anytime meal that is sure to satisfy any rumbling tummy!

Lots of Love & Leftovers… 🙂

Feed your souls,
Healthy Hohme ~*


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