Quinoa Protein Balls w/ Ginger Beet Juice!

Quinoa Protein Balls w/ Ginger/Beet Juice!

What a beautiful and delicious combination!

This morning I mixed together two of my favourite things – protein balls and a fresh juice concoction.
I love making these snack balls because they can be eaten for breakfast, mid-day or even calm a sugar craving late in the evening.
I like to use sugars that have not been refined like brown rice malt syrup, coconut palm sugar and the odd time unpasteurized honey from our friends farm just a few minutes down the road.

Protein balls can be made with anything:
* quinoa
* amaranth
* cocoa powder
* dates
* carrots
* dried fruit – figs, raisins etc…
* nuts/seeds – cashews, almonds, walnuts, sunflower, chia and hemp seeds etc
* spices – cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger
* I’ve been known to put dried basil into some and it is actually quite nice!
* your fave protein powder
And so much more!

I decided to keep it simple and add only a few ingredients to my Quinoa Protein Balls:
* almond meal
* puffed quinoa
* coconut oil
* unpasteurized honey – omit if you want a vegan version and instead add brown rice malt syrup, maple syrup, coconut palm sugar etc
* cinnamon/nutmeg
* chia/hemp seeds
* finely chopped cashews
* splash of almond milk

** You’ll want to play with the ratio here. I didn’t measure anything but I always start with the dry ingredients and then slowly add in the wet to get the consistency I want. As long as the mixture can be formed into a ball, you’re golden! Immediately place them into the fridge or freezer so they set and will be ready for eating in about 5 minutes. So easy!

IMG_20140108_093346 IMG_20140108_093520

Ginger Beet Juice is soo very delicious. It perks you RIGHT up in the morning as the ginger awakens your body with its zing! and the beet helps to cleanse your kidneys and purifies your blood. AMAZING.

Ginger Beet Juice:
* 1-2 inch knob fresh gingerIMG_20140108_093633
* half a raw beet
* 2 kale stocks
* 1 carrot
* 1 med sized apple
* 1 lemon – peel removed

I always try to get some greens into my smoothie and make sure to add more veggies than fruit. Beets are quite sweet as it is so you don’t need to add much fruit to sweeten it up!

Decide to start your day with fresh, wholesome and good-for-you ingredients so you can start off as the best possible version of you!

Happy day to you all! πŸ˜€

Feed your soul,


4 thoughts on “Quinoa Protein Balls w/ Ginger Beet Juice!

    • Hey there! Thank you for stopping by – they were delicious! I don’t have all of the info with me at the moment but I will get back to you as soon as I can.
      Thanks for your inquiry!
      Cheers πŸ™‚

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