The Body Balancing Elixir

The Body Balancing Elixir

Parsley, lemon, grapes, carrots and many other uncooked veggies are delicious when juiced and are beneficial to our bodies as they are alkaline in nature.

Alkaline v.s Acidic

Alkaline, or Basic, refers to the pH value between 7-14
Acidic refers to the pH value between 0-7

Our blood has a pH value of 7.35-7.45 and it is essential to keep this balance in our bodies so that we continue to feel well. The North American diet contains a lot of acidic foods and by counteracting it with basic foods, it allows us to keep our blood pH at it’s best with little effort.

Something that boggled my mind was when I learned that when I consumed a lemon, it would turn basic in my body! NEAT.
I notice I GREAT difference when eating certain foods as they make my body feel well, balanced and calm. This always happens after I make a big glass of veggie juice.

Try this juice recipe and feel it’s wonderful effects!
* 3 kale stalks
* 1 whole lemon, peeled
* 1 large carrot
* 10-15 grapes
* large handful flat leaf parsley
* 1 small beet – raw
*** after juicing, you can add water to dilute if desired

IMG_20131213_075133 IMG_20131213_075259

Remember to keep up the colour! Adding naturally colourful foods to bland looking meals will always bump up the nutritional value and also the flavour.

Peace, love and a colourful plate 🙂

Feed your soul,


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