Juice Pulp Beetballs!

Juice Pulp Beetballs!

Always wondered what to do with your juice pulp?!

Here is probably my favourite VEGAN meal I have made to date.
I have been vegan for about 3 months now and this recipe has totally taken the cake!!! YUM!!

Here are the DEETS:
** Juice these ingredients as your Beetball base
** 1 tbsp. soy sauce or coconut aminos
** 1 tsp maple syrup
** ground pepper
** 1 tsp garlic powder
** 1 tsp paprika
** 1 tbsp. olive oil
** 1/2 cup firm tofu – crumbled
** 1 heaping spoonful tahini


In a bowl, mix all of these ingredients together until you get a nice thick cookie-dough-like consistency.
Form into small 1 inch balls and place into an oiled frying pan at med heat.
You will know the Beetballs are done when they are nicely browned. Make sure you turn them often so they get nice and crispy!

For the sauce:
** I used a canned roasted red pepper tomato sauce and added homemade cashew nut cream by soaking raw cashews in water for 5 hours and then blending till smooth.


For the noodles:
** I used brown rice noodles.

For a finishing touch, I chopped up some parsley and sprinkled on top!

Seriously delicious, simple and HEALTHY!

Feed your souls,


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