Some Juice Love!

Some Wicked Juice Love!

A few years ago, one of my wonderful bro’s bought me a juicer for my birthday.
And I love it!!

Lately, I have been thinking of creative and tasty ways to use the pulpthe leftover fibrous parts of fruits and veg after the juice has been extracted – in order to benefit from the amazingly nutritious fiber that is otherwise kicked back into the built-in storage bin, awaiting disposal.
The fiber is so colourful and packed with flavour – so, WHY THROW IT OUT?!

You’ll find that even if you cannot use it right away, by placing it in a Tupperware container or mason jar – whatever you have on hand – will allow it to keep for up to 3 days.

A few ways to use the pulp:
** ‘Beetballs‘ <– click for recipe!
** add to soups
** use to make soup stalks
** use to thicken stews
** add to ‘meatloaf’
** add to tomato sauce
… and the list goes on… BE CREATIVE and choose your fruits and veg wisely, as your pulp mixture will need to be versatile for many uses in order to get the most bang for your buck!

A good base for a wonderfully VEG hearty and lightly fruit sweetened juice is as follows!
** kale
** beets
** celery
** cucumber
** parsley – flat leaf or curly
** carrot
** appleIMG_20131121_094527

This blend is just sweet enough to drink it all up! And just savoury enough to add to many lunch or dinner menu items.

And again, in case you missed it above, my Juice Pulp Beetball recipe!

Until next time,
Feed your soul.


2 thoughts on “Some Juice Love!

    • Thanks! It’s a goodie!!

      You will notice the benefits as soon as you let that juicer into your life! hehe… it’s just so right. I don’t have a crazy expensive one ($60CAD) and I am able to yield great juice, so you wont need to save up for months in order to be able to juice to your hearts content!
      Good luck!

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