Stacked Vanilla Goji Berry Cupcakes!

Stacked Vanilla Goji Berry Cupcakes!

Because what’s better than one cupcake?

I’m calling them cupcakes because I’ve added icing on top, but they are really a banana, goji and vanilla version of these chia muffins! I love that they are so versatile and can be sweet or savoury. My kind of treat!


The two ‘icings’ are as follows:

Cashew nut cream – cashews, coconut palm icing sugar and vanilla with tofu added for a firmer icing like texture

Sweet sugar glaze – coconut palm sugar and earth balance

The combination is amazing.

I have a basket filled with leftover Halloween candy, and instead of chowing down on a sugary mess, I made these cupcake stacks. I figure at least I know what I am putting into my tummy and can pronounce every ingredient!


Feed your soul,


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