Crispy Orange & Ginger Tofu w/ Pumpkin Ginger Rice Noodles!

Crispy Orange Ginger Tofu & Pumpkin Ginger Rice Noodles

This yummy bowl is my attempt at getting back into my healthy habits post Canadian Thanksgiving.

I didn’t stray too far from my regular routine, but I did most definitely eat things that I hadn’t touched in months. Don’t beat yourself up for indulging in some yummies, because tomorrow is a new day where you can undo and make up for yesterdays moments of weakness 🙂

What’s in the bowl:
* Savoy Cabbage – finely sliced
* Cucumber
* Shredded Beet
* Toasted nuts/seeds – cashew/sunflower/sesame
* Pumpkin Ginger rice noodles
* Marinated and Crispified Tofu

What’s in the marinade:
* juice of half an orange
* few drops of sesame oil
* 1 tbsp soy sauce
* 1 tbsp organic coconut palm sugar
* 1 tsp grated fresh/powdered ginger
* 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar
* 1 tbsp natural peanut butter – or desired nut butter
* 1 tsp sriracha sauce
* a few cranks of the ol’ pepper grinder
* couple shakes of chili flakes

–> whisk this up and pour over tofu and let marinate for 10 mins – BUT the longer, the better!!
* Notice I didn’t add any oil to this marinade… there is no need, as we are going to pan sear it so we will use oil to crisp it up!

** Mix 2 tbsp cornstarch with desired amount of garlic powder and pepper and place in a flat container or Tupperware container with lid.
** Place marinated tofu carefully into the cornstarch mixture, fasten lid and shake for a few seconds to evenly coat, OR just use your hands to flip tofu to ensure a LIGHT even dusting.
** Turn on your skillet to med/high and add a little knob of coconut oil.
** Place tofu into skillet and let sizzle for about 2-3 mins each side.
** While you are crispifying (yes, this is a word) the tofu, boil a pot of water and cook your wonderful noodles.
I used these ones –>IMG_20131017_113041
** Add everything into a big bowl and then slather with the leftover marinade sauce. Now you can devour your classy meal!
** I added some extra sriracha because my taste buds like a nice spicy kick!

SO fresh and delicious! You’ve got yourselves a healthy and fulfilling lunch or din din.

Happy Thursday, Friends!

Feed your soul,


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