Morning Bircher Muesli & Spiced Apple Juice

Morning Bircher Muesli

Hello All!

This morning I plunked myself in front of the television and watched some good ol’ Jamie Oliver and his new show Save with Jamie. Then, Gordon Ramsey’s new show – Gordon/Home Cooking – appeared in front of my eyes. He made a version of this magnificent bircher muesli and I was totally smitten!

Traditionally, ‘bircher’ muesli implies that oats/nuts/seeds are soaked in milk/yogurt overnight in the fridge and eaten uncooked.
Soaking oats overnight leaves them a bit soggy and creates more of a pasty texture that isn’t very desirable,  so instead make this about 10 minutes before devouring to allow it to soften just a wee bit. 😉

I’ve pretty much kept to his recipe, but switched up the fruits and nuts/seeds to my own liking and fridge availability.

Here are the deets:
* I added about 3/4 cup of raw oats/seeds/nuts to a bowl and mixed it all up
IMG_20131013_121006* Hemp seeds, buckwheat, almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, puffed quinoa, kamut flakes, chia seeds, finely chopped dates. Add what ever you love and can’t live without in the morning!!
* Add a few scoops of your fave yogurt – I used unsweetened plain coconut yogurt
* THIS IS THE BEST PART!! – Add half the juice of 1 apple to the yogurt and muesli and MIX, MIX, MIX!
–> I juiced a SPY apple, as they are tart, tangy and sweet and are a perfect way to naturally sweeten the yogurt.
* Let sit for 10 minutes so the kamut flakes have a chance to soak up the yogurty goodness.
* While you are waiting for your bircher to do its thang, place remaining apple juice into a glass and dust with cinnamon and nutmeg. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

* Garnish muesli with any fruit on hand and INDULGE!

Isn’t it incredible that something SO delicious is actually GOOD for you!!?

What is your favourite healthy morning indulgence? 🙂

Feed your soul,


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