For all the Hangovers out there!

Hangover Juice!

Hey Kids!

Today, I am a bit hung over.
I don’t normally drink, now that I am in ULTIMATE HEALTH MODE, but last night, I let loose a little. And to be honest, it was nice, and I am ONLY HUMAN! Well, that’s what I keep telling myself anyway… This morning, I was not so happy but thank GOODNESS I had some detoxifying fruits and veggies on hand to help me throughout the day.

I started off by guzzling down one of my daily detox drinks, that you can see here, to start the, what seemed to be, long and grueling process.

And then, I whipped up this liquid gold!

It totally hit the spot.  Let me tell you why.

* Carrots and apples help detoxify and cleanse the digestive system and eliminate toxins that are circulating in your body. Not to mention that they just taste great. I bought the carrots from the farmers market, so they were INCREDIBLY fresh and so sweet to taste!
* Ginger. OH, I just LOVE ginger. This helps with any nausea, upset stomach and migraines.
Yup…check…check…and… CHECK!
* This juice combination boasts high levels of Vitamin C which will help kick start your immune system back to its ultimate function to avoid any sickness that your body may be prone to after your little heart partied itself out! <:-)

Juice 1 large CARROT, 2 med APPLES, and a 2 inch piece of GINGER w skin on for added nutrients. Add water (or not!) to your heart’s content!

Some other honorable mentions and GREAT detoxifiers to include in your (hangover) juices are:
–> These ingredients contain calcium and magnesium, which help calm nerves and anxiety and stimulate brain function. <– WE NEED THIS AFTER A FUN NIGHT!

You don’t even have to be hung over to try or benefit from this juice. I will be sure to drink it on many occasions, and might even try it heated up too!! …WHAT!? 😀


What are some of your most trusted hangover cures that you stand by 100%? I would love to hear what works for you!

Feed and love your soul, and even let loose from time to time!
Enjoy life!


2 thoughts on “For all the Hangovers out there!

    • OH my! Those cures sound delicious! And YES! Lots of water is definitely key. Unfortunately for me, I feel the symptoms of a hangover after just a drink or two, so this is also a great reason to continue to steer clear!
      Thanks for your input and I am now craving a sausage gravy biscuit! 🙂

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