Cardamom Rolls!

Cinnamon, Coconut & Cardamom Rolls!

Yes, this just happened.



This is the first time I’ve made vegan cardamom rolls.
I tend to use more natural type sweeteners like dates and coconut palm sugar, so these were not as sweet as I had envisioned them being. I guess I am used to the over-the-top ooey gooey ones that are slathered with buttercream icing and usually found in food courts.

I’m actually quite pleased with these because they’re a nice alternative to have in the morning when you want a little treat, but nothing that will leave you feeling guilty and unsatisfied throughout the day. They are really perfect morning, noon and night! YUP!

A few ingredients that I used that you wouldn’t normally associate with ‘cinnamon rolls’:
* CARDAMOM! this flavour adds a hint of mystery..oooh! It’s fun to add something a wee bit unusual!
* chia seeds
* coconut
* coconut palm sugar/dates

I plan on posting some sort of method to follow in the next few days or so.
Until then you’ll have to stick to licking the screen!!


Feed your soul,


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