Amazing Coconut Water!

Amazing Coconut Water!

I know… I know… people have been doing this for hundreds of years.

Usually, I’d purchase a can or giant tetra pack of coconut water, but today, it was my turn to discover the wonders of the young coconut.  And, I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!

The water is so sweet and the coco flesh is soft and creamy!

Why haven’t I tried this earlier? I guess I always thought it was too difficult. You should have seen me try to open the thing… HA!IMG_20130928_130921
There are so many uses:
* great POST workout, it boasts a lot of electrolytes to replenish the ones you lost during exercise
* make your own coconut milk – flesh + coco water + blender = MILK! (you can add as much flesh as you want to amp up the creaminess)
* use it in a curry
* coffee/tea/cereal
* add to a smoothie
* make ice cream
* COYO – coconut yogurt, which I am DYING to try and make

And probably a million more uses.

I highly recommend going to your local store and picking up a young coconut. They are relatively inexpensive – mine was $1.99 and yielded at least 400ml water and more than 1 cup of flesh.

Try something new everyday – you’ll be happy you did!

Feed your soul,


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