Morning Mantra and a Latte – Matcha Coconut.

Matcha Coconut Latte!

As I write this, I am sinking into my couch and enjoying this lovely cuppa tea!

I went for a run this a.m. and now I feel like I want to zone out for a little bit. But just before sinking into my couch cushions, I decided to whip up a quick Matcha Coconut Latte to sip on while I contemplate what to conjure up for breakfast. Coconut milk doesn’t froth up very well, but it tastes so smooth and creamy. It’s absolutely sinful. ; )

* In a pot, add about 1-2 cups of coconut milk (mine was unsweetened) and 1.5 tsp of matcha powder together and whisk vigorously. This ensures that all of the matcha blends in well with the milk.
* Do not scald the milk, heat until just about boiling or until you have reached the temperature you desire.
* Choose a sweetener that works for you – honey, coconut palm sugar, agave, or none!


Today’s Mantra:
Stand-up and be fearless.
Stop thinking that you can’t do those things you’ve always wanted to do or be the person whom you’ve always wanted to be. It’s in you. Be free.

That might be the green tea talking, but I am just feeling so fantastically Zen right now.
Happy Day everyone : )

Feed your soul,


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