This Green Gem.

Want a little kick start to your mornings?
Want to detox a little bit each day?
Want a quick and easy way of consuming your veg and fruit?
Hitting the 3 o’clock ‘brick wall’ at work?

Green juice is quickly becoming one of my favourite things to sip as it naturally contains:
* fibers                                                                   * antioxidants
* vitamins                                                             * anti-inflammatory properties
* minerals

and is known to:
* cleanse the blood                                            * detoxify total body
* keep blood sugars balanced                         * boost energy levels, etc…

… all that with just a few gulps!

Every day can boast a new green flavour, which means it’s a new and exciting habit to keep! There are so many fueling combinations that I’m sure anyone could find an elixir, or personalized potion, that they just love.

Sometimes it’s bitter, sometimes sweet….but no matter what, it is dependable.

I like to blend together KALE-MANGO-MACA -WATER (at times, COCONUT WATER).
Sometimes I add extra little things – BERRIES – SPIRULINA – BEETS – APPLE – PARSLEY.

It’s really up to you. Make sure there are more GREENS than fruit in there, to really pack in the PUNCH!

KALE: anti-inflammatory, high in calcium, iron & Vit C!
SPIRULINA: blue/green algae that boosts energy & keeps blood sugar levels balanced
PARSLEY: neutralizes carcinogens (toxins) in your body, contains folic acid and B vitamins!
BEETS: lowers blood pressure, protects the liver & detoxifies!!!


Thanks for being awesome, Food.

Feed your soul,


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