Fresh from the garden: Kale Salad and Spearmint Tea!

Good day everyone!

It’s Friday.
Everyone’s favourite and most anticipated day. TGIF!!

Instead of having the ‘weekend’ mentality and instantly grabbing that beer, bag of chips or speed-dialing your go-to pizza joint, decide to start the weekend off on the right foot. Let’s not ruin our weekday progress by reaching for the NO NO’s (haha) and instead, embrace what mother nature is still offering us (even though it’s drastically cooling down) in our very own backyards.

I picked a few goodies this aft that you can see above: spearmint, green beaners, and my favourite Mr. Kale. I always forget to pick and use herbs as they look so pretty in the garden and I am often reminded how nicely they jazz up a recipe, or taste on their own.

Here, I made freshly picked spearmint tea by simply adding hot water to the leaves. I realize that this isn’t hard to do, but sometimes we forget about all the wonderful possibilities growing outside in our gardens. This also applies to any produce that is going bad – use it up before you waste! – or if you’ve purchased too much of an herb, as it is always nice to get your money’s worth.
Adding basil, dill or even cucumbers to cold water bumps it up a notch or two, and makes it a wee bit more desirable, than just plain ol’ H-2-0.
The yummy masterpiece!!!

Here’s what’s in it:
* massaged kale – with a homemade dressing
* carrot, beet, cucumber, green beans, tomatoes (also from garden!), figs
* chopped almonds, hemp seeds, chia, puffed quinoa
* hummus

I am still BEAMING from this salad. It is so rewarding to eat delicious food and feel so great afterwards, rarely feeling that ‘food coma’ we can all relate too… I’m sure ; )

Enjoy the weekend Friends!

Feed your souls,


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