Good Morning, Lemon Detox!

Good Morning, Lemon Detox!

…Stumble out of bed… carefully walk downstairs…. search for lemons… slice, squeeze and swirl lemon juice into water… take a sip…. taste and feel the goodness.

That’s the start of a detox happening!

If there is ONE thing to add to your morning routine – THIS IS IT!
It is so quick and easy, that you can really do this in your sleep…or morning grogginess, like I do.
You will notice your day begins smoother, you wake up and are alert faster, and are ready to start the day off with a BANG!

Here’s why:
* Stimulates liver to flush out any toxins built up overnight
* Energy boost
* Wakes up immune system
* Digestive aid
* Can also help break your caffeine addiction – you wont feel you need that highly caffeinated JOLT in the morning, as lemon does the trick! (overtime…or may help you limit your intake of caffeine…which is also GREAT!)

Here are the deets:

* Wash lemons before use. I recently saw somewhere that using baking soda to scrub the outside rind w/ a wee bit of water, is a great and natural way to remove any residues or dirtiness that you do not want to consume.

* Adding slices of lemon with the rind intact will intensify the flavour of water as time goes on. Some of you may not like this flavour. Just a heads up!

* Also, water at room temperature is most ideal, as it allows your body to ingest and uptake vitamins etc., more easily. This way, your body does not have to work as hard to accept nutrients!

COOL, HUH!!? : )

And on that note, I leave you to have a wonderful start to your day, today and everyday hereafter.

Feed your soul,


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