Healthy lunch and a happy belly!

Hey kids!

Check out what I made for lunch this aft. Healthy, healthy, healthy!!
Kale salad and vegan cold rolls with some spicy peanut sauce for dipping!
My belly and I are just so happy that I felt it necessary to post about it as soon as I could.
So I did.

Here are some deets:

* carrot
* cucumber
* purple cabbage
* vermicelli noodles
* lettuce
* rice paper wraps

* all natural peanut butter
* raw agave
* soya sauce (gluten-free)
* vinegar
* chili flakes
* water

Remember to always be creative. You really can’t go wrong with these guys. Cold rolls are very forgiving and you can put pretty much any combination of foods into them. Just make sure you can roll the suckers up! I always end up stuffing them to the brim and all the yumminess falls out.
But, who am I kidding,  that really isn’t a problem!… the more, the merrier!
Happy cold-rolling!  : )

Feed your soul.


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